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I have had psoriasis since my early 30s.

I had two ways I could control it.

1.) Eating almost zero carbs.  If you know me, you know I’ve had a carb addiction.  EVEN to have perfect skin, I couldn’t make myself give up the carbs.

2.) Sunshine.  Because sun would control mine, I have never had it on my face.  Thankfully.  Any part of my body not exposed to sun suffered.  I controlled mine for many years by going to suntan salons.  There came a point, though, that I decided to just live with it, because I didn’t like the damaging effects of tanning on my face.  I’m talking LINES & WRINKLES!!

Recently my psoriasis disappeared.  It has been gone now about 3 months, and I know why!!  Well, I think I know why.  I changed coffee brands.  The coffee I am enjoying now regulates carb absorption!  AND, in MY body it seems to be keeping my psoriasis away!!   I have another product I started at the same time.  It oxygenates my red blood cells allowing nutrition to enter to be carried to all parts of our body and it also helps detox.

This is MY experience, my body – of course, anyone should ask their doc before making changes… I can only say I am surprised and happy that I no longer have psoriasis!!  How long did it take?  About 2.5 or 3 months.

Share this with anyone you know who suffers from psoriasis.  I am happy to help.  My phone number and contact information is on this website.  I LOVE helping!  Seriously!


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