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WE ALL DO IT!!  Not only do we do it, we spend 1/3 of our lives doing it!!!  That’s how important sleep is!

If you want to lose weight, don’t neglect sleep!

A study at University Of Chicago on Sleep loss’ effect on weight loss they showed a 55% difference in the amount of FAT loss in people who didn’t get adequate sleep with those who do.

Our hormones go crazy!!  Maybe more hormones than you even knew about.

The big two are Ghrelin and Leptin.  They are the Ying and Yang of hunger!

Ghrelin tells us we’re hungry, Leptin tells us to put the fork down, we’ve had enough.  When we’re tired, Ghrelin levels increase in our body and is released from our stomach where it is stored to our brain where it growls until we give it the attention it is demanding — FOOD!  “Feed me, Feed me!”  Have you noticed you have the munchies late at night, even if you didn’t think about food other than mealtime during the day?  That’s Ghrelin doing it’s job.

Not to be forgotten, Leptin.  It should be telling you to put that bag of chips or box of cookies away, but it doesn’t!! Why?  Because when we are tired Leptin levels decrease!!  Yes, it should be telling you you’re full, but it is safely and quietly tucked away in your fat cells where it is stored.  Interesting that the fat cells store the very hormone that is key to our size increasing or decreasing – our fat size, that is.

When we are tired, not only are Ghrelin and Leptin messing with us – they are messing with our choices.  People who are tired tend to crave carbs!  UGH.  Notice your choices.  A protein rich boiled egg may be the best choice for your diet, but it is not what we reach for.  The reason for the bad choices is fatigue.  In general people make poor choices when they’re tired – when it comes to food and our diet,  Ghrelin demands carbs when we are tired.

As a side note about Ghrelin.  Ghrelin is stored in our stomach and released when our stomach is empty – when our stomach is stretched, Ghrelin levels decrease.  That makes sense.  What else happens is totally interesting.  Ghrelin is also stored in the region of our hypothalamus  of our brain where memory is stored!!  Increased Ghrelin coincides with increased memory.  If you’re studying for finals late at night  – DO NOT EAT!  You will remember more easily with the help of the additional Ghrelin our body produces when we’re tired.  Fascinating?  I thought so!!

Next up.  Cortisol. Cortisol levels spike.  It’s important to know that every hormone has an important role in keeping everything working in harmony in our body – it seems there is a ying and a yang to everything.  Cortisol has the role of helping us wake up in the morning – that’s the Ying.  The Yang of cortisol is that if we are stressed it takes on the roll of STORING FAT!  UGH. The fat it stores is in our middle!!  It’s actually encouraging our body to conserve energy, so IF we have to FIGHT or FLEA (fight or flight), we’ll have the energy to do it.  In the day of the dinosaur that was probably a lot more important than it is today – today we don’t do the fighting or the flighting, so we just STORE the energy in the form of fat that is not used… it just grows.

Insulin.  The role of insulin is to change sugar, starch and other foods into energy.  If we are insulin resistant, these foods end up also stored as fat.  When we haven’t gotten enough sleep, our body will act as if it IS insulin resistant.  I read of a study where healthy 19 year old was limited to under 6 hours of sleep – after just 4 days he was in a pre-diabetic state.  Sorry, I can’t find the article I am referring to.

Growth Hormone.  Our growth hormone works when we sleep.  It has many functions, including healing our body.  Interesting to me, it uses FAT to heal us, thereby decreasing fat.  It also increases liver function which is important in detoxing our body as well as removing fat.  It allows cells to multiply, building muscle and strength and it triggers our body to burn more fat.  Also important, especially now with flu season upon us – it restores our immune system while we sleep.  It’s like an anti-aging hormone in our body.  FASTING increases Growth Hormone.


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If we don’t get enough sleep, our brain literally starts eating itself!!  Check this video out!

I am not making ANY medical claims – I am not a doctor – always consult with your doctor if you begin a new weight loss or exercise program or change supplements.  Whether you get them from me or someone else.  My goal is to give you information to help you do research.  If you have questions – I will love answering, but bottom line – always check with your doc.



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