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I decided to create an easier way  for me to share my favorite medical professionals with you.  I believe I have found all the best of the best – research scientists, doctors and even a couple journalists who, like me, crave information on becoming the healthiest versions of ourselves.

I am going to start at the beginning of my journey and work toward where I am today – it has been a process.  We can’t learn it all in one day – so rather than forcing myself to write a book that would take a couple of years.  I am going to treat this post like a living breathing information sharing tool for anyone to use and share as they see fit.  I am not going to be starting with all the information I have – because I just want to start getting it out there.  I will add to this post weekly, hoping you will keep coming back to see what I add each week.  You’ll be learning about the ketogenic meal plan, gut health, the importance of vitamin D (which is really a hormone), our circadian rhythm, the importance of sleep, intermittent fasting – the 5 day fasting mimicking diet.  I will pour into this blog as quickly as I can – but keep in mind.  This is my passion and my hobby – it does not pay my bills.  I can’t do this full time.


The first scientist I want to introduce you to is Prof. Timothy Noakes.  He is the one who introduced me to the Ketogenic Diet a few years back.  He is known for his support of a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet, as set out in his book The Real Meal Revolution.   Professor Timothy Noakes 

Clicking the link will take you to a video on YouTube where he explains his journey into discovering how we have all been misled with the incorrect food pyramid that has lead to our sugar addiction, insulin resistance and has increased our heart disease and diabetes.  It all began with Ansel Keys back in the 60s, and it has taken until recent years for us to finally realize – not only it didn’t work, but it was working against us. I hope you’ll watch that video and maybe get his book.  It’s available on Amazon.  IF I hear of a better book to explain the ketogenic evolution/revolution I’ll let you know — remember, this is a LIVING blog post – not complete, but rather evolving.

Personally, I failed at the ketogenic lifestyle after about 4 months of depriving myself of many of the foods I love.  I felt amazing on the keto diet.  My energy was unbelievable – my focus.  My moods were steady and good.  I felt happy!  You would think it would be easy for me to maintain that meal plan, because of how great I felt.  I did up until I had my first reward.  A candy bar.  Once I ate that, I couldn’t get back on the keto diet for even a day.  My addiction to carbs really revealed itself!!!  Sadly.  I gave up on ever being thin again.  I already knew other diets didn’t work.  I would take off 10 pounds and gain back 20.  I dieted myself into obesity and refused to diet — ever again!!!  EVER!!  Until…

(((***self promotion warning: if you’d like to hear how I was able to finally be able to give up the carbs, it was the coffee I market.  If you’d like to know about it, ask)))  That is all the self promoting I will do – ever.  You can safely read on.


My all time FAVORITE, difference maker doctor  is Dr. Jason Fung.   He is a world renowned nephrologist who promotes intermittent fasting.  He is my favorite, because I love how he speaks.  He constantly says, “It doesn’t make sense.”  As an example, he’ll say “We were told you should eat within 20 minutes of getting up in order to lose weight.  How much sense does that make?  You want someone to eat more?  Add calories?  It just doesn’t make sense.”  You’ll hear him say that a lot  about things you thought were scientific, but aren’t.  He is easy to listen to, and when he says, “it just makes sense!!!” you will finding yourself agreeing.  It doesn’t make sense!!  You’ll probably be so happy when you hear him say, “Diets don’t work.  We know they don’t work.  We know if you eat less and move more at the end of a year you will weigh the same as when you began cutting out 500 calories a day!!  Diets do not work.  It is not YOU who failed – diets, the ones we have been taught to follow, do not work for the long term.  You may lose 20 or 60 or 150 pounds – but you’ll put it back on.  Watch his video to let him explain why intermittent fasting makes sense.  Why it will put an end to yo-yo dieting.  Dr. Fung shares how his patients have been able to reduce or get off their diabetes medicine.  How they are having better or perfect labs.  Be encouraged!!  The journey starts here and it is easy to learn and follow.  Just remember – it is a journey.

Here is a brief 5 minute introduction to intermittent fasting with Dr. Fung.  5 minute video

To begin intermittent fasting, many people will put a minimum of 12 hours between your last meal one day and first meal the next.  That’s a starting point.  As you adapt, you can have your first meal an hour later and the last meal a little earlier – as your  comfort allows.  Don’t stress!!

Here is the 36 minute video with Dr. Fung explaining why diets do not work and why intermittent fasting does.  36 minute explanation of why diets don’t work

I personally have found intermittent fasting  easy and sustainable and it continues becoming easier.  A journey.

This is where I am going to leave you today – enjoy the videos.  I’d love to hear from you.  Do you feel encouraged?  What have you tried in the past?  How did that work?  Did you want to cry when Dr. Fung says how sad it is that doctors blame their patients for failing at losing weight and what is even sadder is that patients blame themselves.  Can you relate?  I sure could!!

What will be coming in the future.

GUT HEALTH – VITAMIN D (it’s really a hormone) – CIRCADIAN RHYTHM – 5 day fasting mimicking diet – sleep – hormones – exercise –  BEST OF ALL!! AUTOPHAGY!!!  I am so excited to share about that!!  SUBSCRIBE to my blog – you’ll be notified when I add to this.

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