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From the beginning?  Well, in the beginning I was thin.  Some would have said I was skinny!  My mother said I should gain weight and maybe I wouldn’t have so many lines on my face.  I was about 30!!

I ate what we now know is healthy.  I ate once a day because that’s the only time I was hungry.  If I wasn’t hungry, I ate for nourishment.  I actually would think things like, “I need more B’s or C’s and I would choose food accordingly.  For C vitamins I’d choose from oranges, red peppers, kale, brussels sprouts, broccoli or strawberries.   Foods choices for  B12 would be shellfish, liver, fish, or crab.  For D, I’d go outside for a walk. (Side note here.  I remember when my son was about 5 years old and we went for a walk down our country  road.  He noticed the wild flowers planted by God.  Brad said, “God is so amazing.  He thought of everything, even wild flowers.  He didn’t have to put them here – He did it just so they’d look nice for us!”)

You get the picture – I chose food for what it would do for me, not because I was bored or because something sounded good.

How did I become the FAT girl in the picture?  A day at a time.  A decision at a time.

Do you remember when we were told breakfast is the most important meal of the day?  I added breakfast.  What did I choose for breakfast?  We were told CARBS would give us energy – remember?  So my breakfast was cereal or donuts or pancakes.  Occasionally I’d have bacon and eggs, but that wasn’t my first choice, because I avoided fat!  Egg yolks are loaded with fats, and of course bacon is, too!  That probably amounted to a 20 pound weight gain.  AND THEN…

Yo-Yo dieting!  I know you know exactly what I am talking about!  The diet where you lose 10 pounds by cutting calories – the pounds go off, the diet ends and then you gain 15 or 20 pounds.  I’d replace the fat I lost PLUS 10 or 15 pounds with each new diet. And so it goes.  I gained weight with each diet.  I probably also lost muscle because foods high in protein (muscle building) were also high in calories.  Can you relate?  I still don’t like salads!

For me personally, I had another challenge.  When I was younger I stayed fit by dancing.  I loved to dance.  I loved to compete.  I danced or practiced dancing several hours a day, every day, for more than 20 years.  That certainly helped me stay thinner than I otherwise would have.  There came a point where I couldn’t keep up with the younger kids competing.  I was in my 40’s and didn’t have the stamina I once had – so I not only stopped competing, I stopped dancing.  That was probably good for another 20 pound gain that was here to stay, because I didn’t find another sport to replace all that exercise.

By my late 50’s I had sworn off yo-yo dieting.  I just couldn’t afford any more weight gain!!

In my early 60s I decided to give it one more try – I HAD TO do something!!  A lot of my friends were doing the Ketogenic diet, (high fat, low carbs).  Most of these friends were medical professionals, of course, they’d know what they were doing!

I loved loved loved all the food choices with keto and the fact that I didn’t have to count calories.  FREEDOM!  Well, wait – not freedom.  I could not have ANY candy – juices – cookies – cakes – cereal – donuts!!  I literally got sick in the beginning.  Keto flu!!  It lasted about 2 weeks.  I could barely get out of bed!  ZERO energy.  Some of my friends begged me to EAT SUGAR!  Others encouraged me to hang in there.  Well, I was DETERMINED!!!  This was working and I was going to work it – give it my ALL!  I lost a good amount of weight (I don’t remember exactly how much, but a lot) in about 6 weeks.  I decided to reward myself!!  The prize?  A chocolate bar!!!  OMGosh!!!  The end!!!



I think you got the picture.  That was the end of the diet – the beginning of my realizing what a food addiction looked like and felt like.  Even for the luv of my granddaughers, I could NOT get back on the diet.  I thought about Keto over the next several years, studied it more – realized how healthy it was, but c o u l d  n o t  get back on it – not even for a day.  If I SAW a picture of a cookie or cake – I’d have to have it.  If I saw an image of pizza, I was on the phone ordering pizza.  ZERO CHOICE – ZERO WILLPOWER!

The pounds I lost with the Keto diet came back, and like every other diet I gained more in the end.  It is impossible for me to express the total and complete lack of willpower I had.  There are no words, or combination of words that adequately describe how food called me until I surrendered to it.  There would never be another diet – and worse than that – I had no hope.

With zero hope – my weight kept adding and adding – I had less and less energy and I decided, or realized – this is what old age feels like and looks like.  So with each donut or cookie or candy bar there was less… less… and less hope and more and more of me.

God had a better plan!!!  Unbelievable to me!!

Professionally, I have been working in the network marketing industry and loving it.  I could work from home.  I was able to use skills I gained over a lifetime and help others work from home as well.  I loved my life – every fat bit of it!  Interestingly, I sold products for health.  Some people regained their health and lost weight with the products I marketed.  Not me.  My weight was on a straight upward trajectory.  However, I found a new love for nutrition.  Studying it and sharing my knowledge.  I was doing well, but in the company I was with, my team was not – so I started looking around.  We all changed together to a company that at first looked really good – but ultimately wasn’t so good for any of us financially.  For me physically the products weren’t good, either.  I continually became more and more tired over the course of that year.  For me, there was no choice.  I had to make a change – for my health, and because financially we were all worse off than we were before.

The good news for me was that I met people from several network marketing companies along the way.  When it became crystal clear to me that I needed to change, I called on the people I respected the most to see what they were doing, hoping to find a new home.

Only one company had a comp plan that looked workable and actually better than the comp plans I had seen.  The problem for me was that it was weight loss.  I KNEW for a fact, I wasn’t going to diet.  Not a chance.  I couldn’t afford any more weight gain.  The product was coffee for weight loss.  I just wanted to know the coffee tasted good.  Everything else with the company appeared seriously awesome, not to mention – Coffee for weight loss – so many people want to lose weight AND LOVE COFFEE!!   It sounded like a great marriage.

I tried the coffee and was AMAZED – literally blown away by how great it tasted.  Not only that, there was a new product this company was just beginning to introduce to the marketplace.  A revolutionary product that would improve how nutrition from our food is absorbed — THAT is the product I really wanted to market.

Everything changed so much!  Thank you, Lord!  I started drinking the coffee because I loved the robust flavor, not to lose weight.  What happened though – blew me away!!  I LOST WEIGHT while continuing to eat whatever I wanted which was pretty much whatever people were sharing on Facebook or whatever was advertised on TV.  If I saw a pizza recipe, I was on the phone ordering pizza.  I’d take a walk to the dollar store or pet store and always come back with chocolate.  I still do!  (The pet store carries my favorite chocolate candy!!  Yes – you read that correctly!)

So far, I’ve lost a little over 30 pounds and a gazillion inches.  I couldn’t be more excited!!  I did use more than just our coffee – we also have a product for appetite (that helps) – a product for energy, which I took faithfully in the beginning because I was hugely lacking energy!  I took a product for better sleep, just knowing how important sleep is…. and, THE product I joined for – MAX!  

Max oxygenates my red blood cells and makes sure I absorb as much nutrition as possible from the foods I eat.  I have experienced some radical changes in addition to weight loss.  I no longer have ANY psoriasis.  I’m not sure if that’s from our coffee that regulates sugar absorption or MAX… but, it is gone.  I don’t run out of breath like I was.  I have more energy than I have had in a good decade.  My focus is noticeably improved… and look.  I am writing a blog, so I’d say my creativity is back.

Better than ever!  That’s my life today.  Personally, professionally.  Every day, “Thank you, Lord!” — He led me to products and a life that I probably would not have chosen.  Remember, I was through with dieting.  I still am.  I am simply happier and a thinner version of myself.  Yes – I love marketing products that change lives.  I love studying – and I love sharing what I learn.

Something new and exciting coming out hopefully by December.  Register here, and I will be sure to let you know when it is available.

Thanks for reading. The next thing I am studying and will be sharing about… SLEEP!  Prepare to be amazed!!

Luv and Hugs,  Diana

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