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We All Can Relate – FEAR is brakes in our life.

If we only realized how easily we could BOLDLY step beyond our self limiting anxieties and fears and into an exhilarating lifestyle.  FREEDOM from anxiety’s showstopping grip would be life changing!

Have you ever been really nervous about an upcoming event?  Your hands sweat. Your heart beats a little faster!  Cortisol spikes!!  The same thing happens when we are excited!!  Trying to relax at this point is next to impossible.  Excitement, however, is only a step away from fear!

Research and the Bible Agree.

Current research by Alison Wood Brooks, assistant professor of business administration at Harvard Business School, suggests that both Anxiety and excitement FEEL the same.  They also have a similar chemical reaction in our body.  Therefore, it is a small step to move from anxiety to excitement.

Ms. Brooks had students tell themselves they were excited, rather than anxious while performing a task that typically sent their heart racing.  Surprisingly, they were able to not only perform, but perform well.  She wasn’t the first to make this suggestion. A very old study, The Yerkes-Dodson Law, formulated in the early twentieth century,  “a moderate amount of anxiety can actually be motivating and energizing.”

Matthew 12:37 ESV, “For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.”

Bottom Line!

Speak excitement!!  Feel it!  Soon you’ll be celebrating more frequent and bigger wins!  The two words.  “I’m excited.”  Substitute the word ‘fear’ with ‘excited’ …. soon you will be.




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