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Dreams take time.  92% of us give up on our goals within the first week – why?  We just don’t want to deprive ourselves of anything.  Am I right?  That’s the one thing that has kept me from achieving my weight loss goal in the past.  What we really DO deprive ourselves of is our best health – we trade health for a donut.  Right?  That makes me wonder if it is really a choice or addiction that is fueling our decisions regarding food choices.  It seems to me, our choice would be healthy, but too often it is not.

ENTER my OPTIMUM coffee.  My coffee takes away the cravings for sweet treats while it decreases my appetite!!  If I don’t crave it in the first place, I am not depriving myself of anything!  Brilliant!!!

Added bonus!  VASO6!!  You’ll see the difference on our skin – it looks amazingly healthy.  That healthy glow is more good science!  VASO6 in my coffee helps my body to make more nitric oxide.  Nitric Oxide causes my body to make more oxygen – the oxygen gets all the way to my capillaries, nourishing my skin.  That’s nourishment everyone can see!!

It’s no secret.  Our coffee results can’t be matched.  We have the patent on VASO6!!

Questions?  Email me at  Now go ahead — DREAM!

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