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Even The Word “Diet” Drives Me Mad!


Over the past several years I had zero (less than zero) control over what I ate. I was the most unimaginable carb addict. I would tell you the addiction started after doing a KETO diet, except for one thing. When I started keto, like many other people, I had horrible “Keto Flu”. My body was rebelling in a huge way, wanting its drug of choice, SUGAR!
I didn’t realize my addiction, though, until AK (after Keto). It became very apparent because I LOVED eating the qualifying the foods on the Keto diet. I loved how I felt. The weight was dropping. My energy was amazing. My focus was keen. I loved everything about this diet!
After losing about 25 pounds, I rewarded myself with chocolate! I very deliberately decided it was high time for a reward. I very purposefully went to the store for my favorite chocolate bar. I enjoyed every bite of it, not realizing that was not “just a treat” – it was the end of my diet.
 From that day forward, I gave myself a treat (no longer a reward) every single day!  Of course, I put the weight back on PLUS an additional 20 pounds, as usual. I ultimately gained weight AFTER every diet!! This was just the nail in the coffin for my dieting. Absolutely positively never again — ever. Never ever!!
 I went from telling myself “I failed.” “I was a failure.”, “If only I had…” to making a concrete decision. “I will never diet again.” (I have tears in my eyes writing this) When I say “concrete decision” I mean that seriously. I would not ever diet again. I would not ever tell myself I couldn’t have a donut or a candy bar or a piece of cake or pancakes. There was no longer any food “off limits”.  The minute I tell myself I can’t eat something – that becomes my focus.  Who can relate?  BTW – I don’t do Lent, either.
 Once again, in MY LIFE, I can happily say that God had a different plan.
 I actually laugh at myself thinking back on this. My friend, Karen, had reached out to me a few times, wanting to help. She had a product that didn’t require dieting. I had zero interest and told her so at least 4 times. I actually don’t know how many times I told her I wasn’t interested in anything that had anything to do with diets.
 I don’t like talking about diets. I don’t like thinking about diets. I don’t like DOING diets.
 “Show me some science”. That was my bottom line. “Show me some science.”
 Eventually, I gave in. I tried Karen’s coffee. I I was actually surprised when I opened the packet and smelled it.  Amazing aroma! Amazing taste!! I liked it better than the brand I was drinking. So I switched brands.  The coffee came with a lot of benefits including more energy and focus.  It regulated carb absorption.  It actually gave me my “happy” back.  I started waking up in the morning happy and excited for my day to begin.
 I lost weight! What??? I didn’t change a thing! I did not diet. I ate everything I had been eating all along. Not one change… well, except what I drank. I was drinking all the functional beverages her company offered. I gave up my diet soda and replaced it with functional beverages, because they tasted good and I had become very aware of how unhealthy diet sodas are.  I have to chuckle to myself just realizing, I now drink “functional beverages!”  Drinks with a purpose.  They say that everything that goes into our body will either heal us or make us sicker.  Because these drinks taste so good, it has become easy to make the switch.  I am also putting lemon shavings in my drinks for added minerals.  I’ve started adding some apple cider vinegar to my water before and during meals.  That’s functional, too!!  More on that in another blog post!
 Science geek that I am, I started studying diets. Why they work and why they don’t.
 Diets do not work. No, I haven’t put the weight back on. Not a pound! I have lost 35 pounds to date with no diet! Can you believe it? (I am smiling just writing this)! HOWEVER, I have done something almost as disgusting to me as dieting!!! HA! Seriously, I am laughing. I am making a “lifestyle change”!!! Have you heard that before, too? With disgust? Man I hated it when people would tell me “it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change.” HA HA!! I never wanted to buy into any of it – because it was just a diet by another name! Right? Theirs probably was. Maybe mine is, too — it just doesn’t feel like it, because I am still eating all the foods I want to eat. Nothing is off limits.
 For the first time – I have found the science to back up what I am doing. I found a medical specialist who flat out says, “Diets don’t work” and doctors know they don’t work and yet they tell their patients to diet and when they fail they blame the patient — and what is worse? The one thing that is sadder than sad and sadder still is the patients blame themselves.  Have you done that?  “I didn’t drink enough water”  – “I cheated too much”  –  “I just had one piece of cake” – “it was a birthday party, I had to” – “it only I ___ the diet would have worked”
 FINALLY I found a Neurologist who agrees with me.  “Diet’s do not work!”
 I am so thrilled that I found this coffee!!  It put me on a track not only of my own weight loss, but also a journey of discovery.  WHAT DOES WORK?  Thus this BLOG!
 Would you like to see the video where the Neurologist tells us WHY diets don’t work?  The SCIENCE!
 Would you like to know what I am doing and get weekly updates of my progress?  I’d love to send them in messenger, because it will also help ME keep on track.  Yes, I’d be “using YOU” … but also, I’d like to communicate with you more.  I’d like to hear what you are doing that IS and ISN’T working.  Your questions.  If you have a question, you’re not alone.  You can help me with my research.  Be sure to also read my blog on SLEEP.  SLEEP BLOG
You may be asking if I am still drinking the coffee.  I am.  I also market it now.  Here is a link where you can buy direct.  BUY COFFEE DIRECT
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