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There are lots of diet plans out there — the best one is the one you can stick with.  I think I have discovered the easiest diet AND the one that will keep our weight off.  It’s great that we can combine this eating plan with ANY diet.  Keto or Paleo or my least preferred which is calorie counting.

Intermittent Fasting.  According to Dr. Jason Fung, this is the only eating plan that has been scientifically proven to keep the weight off and end the YO-YO cycling.  It is so exciting  for me to know that I am FINALLY taking my weight off for the last time.  I have lost over 50 pounds in the last year with NONE of it coming back.

I have had a couple stalls – that happens.  It’s fine, if we’re expecting it.  I just kept plugging along, enjoying my new eating style and enjoying my coffee.  I know I am eating healthy.  This eating plan saves us a lot of money!!  How much do you typically spend on breakfast?  MOST people who are intermittent fasting eliminate breakfast.  Some even eliminate lunch 3 or 4 times a week!! That can amount to significant savings.

WHAT IS INTERMITTENT FASTING?  Simply putting 12 – 24 hours between the last meal one day and the first meal of the next.  In the morning our circadian clock makes it easy for us to postpone that first meal.  Our cortisol levels are heightened to wake us up and it also acts as an appetite suppressant.  Don’t eat if you’re not hungry.  You shouldn’t be hungry first thing in the morning – assuming your hormones are functioning properly and you’re getting good sleep.  If you’re not, we can work TOWARDS that goal.  So, to make it easy, the first week strive to put 12 hours between the last meal of the evening and the first meal the next day.  A meal, by the way, is any time we put food in our mouths – that includes just one bite of something.  So don’t snack – it counts!!  The second week wait an hour longer for the first meal – and have the last meal in the evening maybe half an hour earlier.  For the next several week just continue moving the last meal earlier and the first meal later.  Do this 3 – 4 days a week.  On the other days do whatever comes natural, but try to stay low on the carbs all but 1 day a week.

For me personally, I could not stick with ANY meal plan prior to my Optimum coffee.  I would not be able to now, either, without it.  I will very happily drink this coffee forever, though, it is so healthy.  In addition to crushing my cravings for foods I shouldn’t eat and cutting my appetite in half, it also increases our nitric oxide in our body!!!  That is important, because Nitric Oxide is a vasodilator – in increases the circulation of our blood throughout our body and in our capillaries.  That’s the blood closest to our skins surface.  It is actually anti-aging for our skin and helps us get a better PUMP for those of us who spend time in the gym.  Especially if you combine our  MAX and Optimum coffee.

HOW MANY CARBS?  They say to lose weight we should stay around 20 good carbs a day.  I personally think some people will lose weight with 100 carbs a day – some need to reduce carbs to 50.  I suggest starting at 100 and see if you’re losing weight.  If you’re not, cut back more until you find the place where you start to lose weight.

READ LABELS.  Subtract the fiber count from the carbohydrate count and use the net carbs in your calculations.  So what have I given up?  Donuts – cakes – cookies – white potatoes – white rice and sugar. Things that are white  or grow below the ground.

TOP FOOD CHOICES – chicken, fish, bacon and red meats along with avocados, Spinach, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, salads including kale, romaine lettuce, cucumber, garlic, peppers,  mushrooms and celery.  Avoid foods that grow in the ground.

FOOD SUBSTITUTES  – substitute rice or almond flour for other flours.  Substitute calorie free sugars in place of sugar or honey.  Substitute heavy whipping cream and cheeses  for flour in sauces.  Avoid prepackaged foods.

OILS/FATS –  Use Avocado oil or olive oil or coconut oil … Do NOT use Canola or vegetable oil.

I share lots of healthy recipes on my Facebook group, Luv Unleashed.  It is a FREE closed group.  Ask to join here.  LuvUnleashed .  If you have trouble getting in, send me a message on Facebook  Here

It is important to know toxins live inside our fat cells.   Fat stores them.  Toxins could be considered hormone disruptors!!  They can literally block the receptors our hormones use to enter cells.  That’s two important reasons to detox!!  I market a wonderful detox that is also a pre and probiotic and it also helps with candida overgrowth.  Mine is called Breakthrough.  Or you can create your own detox.  I found a great article about detoxing.  Check the article out by clicking the link, or use google to find a detox of your choice.

Many things play a role in our weight loss or gain.  Hormones, stress, getting less than 7 or more than 9 hours sleep at night or waking up several times during sleep to name a few.  Also, consider the time of day or night you eat.  It is best not to eat anything after 7PM.  It is best to go our for a walk soon after waking up to work with our body’s circadian clock.  OH – and when do you work out?  With all the research I have been doing, I believe it is best to work out before our first meal — consume the greatest amount of calories immediately after your workout.

I hope you feel very equipped to make some good choices.   If you have questions, feel free to reach out to me on Facebook in messenger or call me.  To place an order, please use my direct link at the top of my blog.


This is merely food for thought – you should always consult with your personal doctor before beginning any new diet program.  I am not a medical professional.




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