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Some people live their life and then they retire – and then they… they are retired!  Not my friend, Denise!

She retired, and then…

And then she and her domestic partner, Ray, moved from the city of Roswell, New Mexico up to the mountains, 5 miles east of La Luz, NM up in Laborcita Canyon… and then…

I keep saying, “And then…” because Denise is one of the most interesting people I know – and I know lots of interesting people.  Having always loved sewing, she has taken her skills to an entirely new level with classes at  A Quilting Stitchuation in Ruidoso, NM.  I was so impressed when I saw these completed squares!  I have no idea how she pieced together the one of the truck, but that is a real truck!

That’s pretty impressive, right?  AND THEN…(Get used to this little phrase, “and then”).

And then she learned more at another class.  This  class was in Las Cruces, NM at Bernina.  Check this out!!  Oh my gosh.  I would never have the patience, but I sure can appreciate the LUV she put into this project.  She has several of these squares, each one a little different!


And then…

She and Ray adopted a couple of cute puppies.  They are so spoiled up on that mountain!!  Aren’t they cute?

There are so many more photos I could show you – like the reconstruction of her mobile home up on that mountain!  It was so amazing to see  them taking it apart – and then watching the construction as it was put back together.

Who picks up their lives and moves to the top of a mountain?  I think a lot of us dream about it – Denise and Ray did it!  I should add, he is also interesting — He is living his life to the fullest on the mountain.  They both seem to love gardening and have a beautiful garden.  He is so handy, he built an awesome patio where they get to watch all the wildlife  and enjoy their morning coffee.  He restored a truck, AND … HE is the beneficiary of another hobby of Denise’s.  Her cooking.

She is still improving her cooking skills daily.  This is her first attempt Chicken Parmesan!!  It sure looks yummy to me!!  She found the recipe online.

And then…there is the volunteer spirit both she and Ray have.  He volunteered with the Burro Flats Fire Department, and Denise became a part of the auxiliary.

Life is good up on that mountain, for Denise and Ray.

And then…???

We’ll just have to wait and see what comes next.  I hope you enjoy the recipe – and I hope you enjoyed seeing a little piece of my friend, Denise Mathis’ life.

My wish for us all is that we find a special place to unleash our Luv!  What did God wire you up to do?  Find your passion and live it!


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