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Do you REFUSE to SIGN UP for things?  Me, too!!!  I hate being harassed.  I totally understand why we are all so afraid to give out our permission to be messaged or emailed.  I have 999+ unopened emails.  How do I delete them?  Please, if you know — I want to hear.

Today I am on the other side of this fence.  I have some seriously amazing products coming.  I wish so much I could tell you!!!  I can’t.  I have been sworn to secrecy.


Know this – 80% of you will want one of the products coming, and probably 100% of those who have tried my weight loss coffee will want another of the products.  A third product that I believe is coming you may not have an interest in at first – I will have to educate most people to the huge physical value it will bring.

This is MY CHALLENGE — I have over 1000 people I need to contact as soon as I find out details.  In an attempt to be PROACTIVE, I have created an APP that will notify everyone in messenger.  The challenge is, you all MUST “opt in”, by clicking a LINK that will indicate you do want to know.


  • I dislike being SPAMMED probably more than you do.  I will not do it. 
  • I will send you the information, and a link to order, IF YOU WANT TO ORDER. 
  • If you have questions, you will be able to message me, or call me — yes, I will provide my phone number, too.

          You PROBABLY will have to leave a message, because typically with a new product release, I am on the phone from 7AM until 10 PM.   HA!  I know you all think I         don’t do any work at all, right?  Some days I don’t, but when there are new products launched more people than typical have questions.  Couple that with our websites being backed up with so many trying to get orders entered.  I am kept seriously busy, and I love it.  I LOVE helping everyone individually with questions. This APP will give me the time to answer questions and be more helpful, rather than the bulk of my time spent messaging everyone.  I do not want people left out!

SO NOW YOU SEE WHY I NEED the APPS help – so I can help those wanting to order — will I harass you?  Spam you?  NO!  That is my PROMISE!

THAT is why I NEED this app.  I don’t want you to miss out.  Please, trust me — I absolutely will not send ANYTHING EXCEPT the information the day of the release, or when we have a special.  Can you help me?  Please.  Just click this LINK 

I can hardly wait for the products to be released!!  I will be placing my own order first — I KNOW they will change the rest of my life.

If you happen to be a marketer — definitely, you should reach out to me today for the information.

God bless you all — HAVE A GREAT DAY!!  I CAN NOT WAIT to share with you all what our new products are!!  This will be over the next 90 days – not all this month.  Just FYI!!

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