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It’s a very sad day when I talk with a fellow network marketing professional who is uncomfortable SHARING the products they market, or their opportunity.  They don’t want to “bother” their friends.  Their up close and personal friends or their Facebook friends.  Me, on the other hand – I feel like I am doing everyone a favor by sharing my products AND my opportunity!!!  We LITERALLY change lives.  I LITERALLY have people message me almost daily with gratitude – “Thank you so much for thinking of me!”


This morning I was listening to a lecture from my favorite trainer, Bob Heilig – “YourVirtualUpline” and Legacy Leadership Academy founder.  He said that the person who doesn’t do well, or is not consistent in their efforts actually doesn’t believe in themselves.  It reminds me of a couple of conversations I have had with one of the gals on my team who doesn’t put anything on her timeline about our amazing products or opportunity.  She doesn’t share results photos on her timeline.  Rather, she puts it in a Facebook Group she created that had about 35 people in it — a good many of that 35 being people from our team who are already promoters.  I instantly thought of her…. and my mind goes to “How Can I Help Her Get Out Of Her Own Way!” … The difference between her success or failure depends on her mindset changing, and of course taking some risks until they are no longer risks because she starts receiving gratitude messages, like I do.


…I was looking for an email from a friend of mine who is in the process of getting her first book published.  Imagine – at 69 years of age!!! — we both talk about how BLESSED WE ARE that in THIS season of our life we are in love with the lives we are living!!!  I found an old email first – one I sent her a year ago about one of the ingredients in the brilliant weight loss coffee that I market.   It’s all science.  I did post the contents of the email on Instagram


…What’s amazing to me, as I type this – is the FACT that we have been blessed with the opportunity to market a product that already has changed the lives of some kids (I know the parents) in unbelievable ways.  My team had a zoom conference with a gal who has worked closely with the formulator for the last 2.5 years.  I am totally overjoyed and humbled to get to market this product up close and personal to friends and also to strangers.  This is not only going to change adult lives, but kids.  This is my thought – When we change the life of a kid – we change the entire family, so LIKE God.

We already have parents reporting amazing life-changing results. One parent with a child who has PANDAS is so her child is feeling better.  Another parent was blessed to parent an adult with autism who enjoys life – thanks to this new product.  Would you, if you were a parent of a kid with a painful life experience, be grateful to the person who tells you about it?  I think so.  Seriously – it would be up to you if you want to try it, or not.  I can understand a parent being concerned with allowing their child to try something new – even if it is all natural.  With time, there will be enough evidence to calm a parent’s nerves.


… I AM feeling like the most blessed person on the planet to not only get to help people live better lives, but I get paid for it.  All this fun and a paycheck, too!

IF you are a professional network marketer but afraid to admit to that … message me.  I will gladly share with you why I LOVE this industry and feel BLESSED to be able to help people.  CAUTION: I WILL share my opportunity AND I WILL also direct you to Bob Heilig’s PAGE and also his opportunity for the best coaching and mentoring I feel is available.  BE A BLESSING – we are already BLESSED!!

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