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Listening to a podcast last night I heard that human bodies prepare for hibernation, just like the bear, snakes, bats, skunks, groundhogs and bees!!  Should I have been surprised?  Maybe not, but I was!!  What does that mean?

We slow down from about October thru April.  Not only does our body hold on to fat for fuel and heat, we tend to be hungrier and eat more, leading to more weight gain.  Our metabolism slows down to hold on to as much fat as possible!!  We may feel more TIRED, SAD, and HUNGRY!!! Can you relate?  I can.  I noticed just this week, the last week in October, I have been craving food late at night – not just food, but fattening foods like creamy comforting soup or pancakes.  I didn’t realize, my body was wanting to put on some more FAT in preparation for hibernation, just as other animal bodies prepare.

My good friend, Jan, carries hibernating to an extreme with what may be SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). It’s not unusual for her to sleep 16 hours or more a day during winter months – then when spring comes you might catch her frolicking around like a bear cub.  She catches up with all the tasks she put off all winter and even becomes excited about new projects.  Spring is in the air … but wait – what happened to her all winter?  She probably ate more pizza than she would have liked.  She probably ate creamy comforting soup instead of something more healthy, and she probably watched more TV AND put on some extra pounds.

Is this where those extra pounds per decade come from?  We should think about that – it sure could be part of it.  Of course, we should put in extra effort in spring to take those unwanted extra pounds off, but do we?

Have you been blaming that Thanksgiving dinner or holiday celebration on the extra pounds you accumulate in the winter?  The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism suggested, in a 2013 study, a link between the winter months and a person’s TSH, or (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) levels.  The study showed TSH levels increased during cold winter months decreased in the summer and fall seasons.

So now we know, just as the hamster is nocturnal and runs on his wheel all night and sleeps during the day, or the ferret backs himself into a corner to poop, or the bear and other hibernating animals prepare for hibernation, so do we.  It is a natural instinct.  It’s not your imagination.  You’re probably hungrier, sleepier and have less energy throughout the day during the winter months.

My conclusion: Yes, our hormones are going to change.  Yes, our thyroid may be messed up.  Everything I have discussed happened last year and will happen again next year.  What CAN we do?  Click Here for some recipes for weight loss stews that may help with comfort and warmth minus the extra carbs.  Now you also can enjoy SlimRoast  coffee that will help you 1) Stay warm and 2) It will give you more energy.  3) It will regulate carb absorption, so your carbs won’t cost you AS MUCH on your hips.

Luv & Hugs, Diana

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